It could happen to anyone – My Personal experience with Credit Card fraud

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It was the morning of November 2, 2016 …. a gorgeous morning at that, I might add. I awoke at 4:00 AM with great excitement for a couple of reasons. I was headed to Chicago for a workshop to learn ideas on how to better serve our valued client base. On top of that, it was Game 7 of the World Series that night with the Chicago Cubs having an opportunity to change history.

The day ended perfectly with a Cubs victory and after learning a ton of great tips on how to become a better insurance agent at my workshop, the day couldn’t have been better. Little did I know that this great day would turn into a scary situation.

Late in the night on November 2, I received an alert email from Chase Bank informing me that my credit card had been compromised and there were over $1,000 of fraudulent charges charged to my card by someone in Chicago. I was horrified as I’ve heard many stories of this happening to other people but never me! I never thought this would happen to me.

The next thought I had was…. How did this happen? I hadn’t used my card once while on my trip. I called Chase Bank right away the next morning and they explained to me that my credit card number was more than likely stolen by someone with an RFID reader. An RFID reader?? What is that?? I too had no idea what this was so I did some research. Turns out thieves carry these RFID reading machines and can be standing by or near you and can swipe your card numbers and BOOM!!, they’ve got your card numbers and start using your card, mostly for online purchases. This is very scary and something that happens every day, everywhere. Pretty sad, huh?

What happens next for someone who has their credit card numbers stolen is a major inconvenience, not to mention can be very unnerving with the thought of someone with your personal information. I spent the next couple of days working with Chase Bank to report the fraudulent charges and getting them reversed.

They had to cancel my credit card and send me a new one which took 7 days. I think finally after almost 2 weeks, all the fraudulent charges have been removed from my statement and I have received my new cards. With all that said, this has been a major pain and something I thought WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ME. Boy, was I wrong.

The message I want to spread is, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU so please take every measure to make sure your credit cards are secure. Look into purchasing an RFID Wallet or sleeve to help secure your credit card numbers from these thieves who prey on unsuspecting people every day.

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